Who We Are

Chaverim is one of the biggest frum youth organisations in the country, providing mentoring, training, after-school activities and residential programs.

Chaverim, founded over 30 years ago, scooped the top award for the specialised services category at the Tuesday night event at the Royal Society of Medicine in London.
Chaverim’s founder Reb Shmuel Yosef Davidsohn received the award from Lord Lieutenant of London, Kenneth Olisa and Phil Champain, the director of the 3 Faith Forum.
Reb Shmuel said: “I’m proud to receive this award, which acknowledges the importance of community inclusion and belonging. As we approach Chanukah, we are reminded of the idea of lighting up the world. Putting all faiths together, we become like a group of candles lighting up London.”

What We Do

Chaverim’s aims are to help young boys develop and give them a place where they can read, talk, play table tennis, work or play on a computer and feel comfortable, give young people a place to “chill out” as well as providing something for young people to look forward to.