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Chaverim Youth organisation has had a busy term. As well as its busy weekday shiurim under its Achim programme, where boys get together for a short shiur, refreshments and some games We also had our weekly Vaad programme on Thursday nights aimed at boys from the upper school. This enables them to get together, have some kugel and cholent, hear divrei torah from various Rabonim which included Rabbi Greenberg, Rabbi Danny Kirsh, Rabbi Yitzy David, Rabbi Reuven Stepsky, Rav Yitzchok Weitz and Reb Menachem Junick.

After a difficult year for us all, Chaverim are putting in work to enable our boys to gain the most from its program’s in an amazing, safe enjoyable fashion.

These programmes have proved to be a great success for the boys with many participating. As well as our regular programmes, Chaverim has held special Shabbaton’s for boys from Year(s) 10,11,12 after their GCSEs and A-Levels.

Over the years, Chaverim have had a many Summer & Winter Camps, Shabbatons, Activities, Youth Leadership Programs and so much more.

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Chaverim wins London’s award for Youth Development Work
Chaverim Youth Organisation has also won London’s award presented by the 3 Faiths Forum in recognition of its work developing Frum young boys.