We have a regular rota of local Rabbonim and Yungerlight who will give up an hour to come to that nights group shiur at the centre to give a shiur. Food, such as pizza, sushi, cholent and kugel are always included. This is just like Chaverim have done until now at Vaad on a Thursday nights for Year(s) 10 – 11 boys.

* We have made the Chaverim rooms more teen friendly with couches and fully stocked food cupboards.

* We give the boys a centre where they can have an outlet and can rely to go to after school hours, in a secure and caring environment.

* We have young, energetic, caring and personable Rabbonim speaking in order that the boys can build a Kesher with them.

* We ordinarily have 80 – 100 boys attend the Achim programme on a weekly basis.

* Achim enables boys from the same schools and age range to socialise in a relaxed environment.