Chesed Forever Program

Dear Chaverim,
It’s been sometime since we’ve been in touch and Chaverim have felt that it’s really important that we write to you once again. Over the years, Chaverim have run some amazing programs and involved many hundreds of boys all over the world. Wherever you go, you’ll find a boy or two that have been to a Chaverim program over the past 30 years. Many special memories, fantastic moments and life moving experiences. As we are now in a time in which we can all talk about in one way or another and especially about all the difficult experiences we are going through now, Chaverim feel, once again that now is the time to bring us all back together again and do what we can in the current situation by supporting one another and doing things that show true chesed in an outstanding way.

With this in mind, Chaverim are launching its Chesed Awards Program, a very nice simple program where we can recognise the goodness and specialities about one another.

How does this work?
All you have to do is fill out THIS form, nominating someone and submit it to Chaverim and every two weeks, Chaverim will announce its achdus award winners on a dedicated page of its new website. Your nomination can be done anonomously, where you will be recognising something good, something special and something positive about a friend of yours or about a Madrich of yours. This person will receive a special Chaverim achdus award certificate which will state the good things which this person has done.

Chaveirm want to get as many nominations as possible with in mind for each nomination should be in the zechus of somebody who unfortunately is not well at the present. You can put in the form the name of a choleh or if you wish, this can be done in general for any choleh, to get better fast. Let’s all join in together and let’s show the amount of chesed and goodness getting done all around. To nominate please click HERE.

follow the link