Our Campaigns

Dear Friends,


I am writing to you from the depths of my heart to help Chaverim Youth Organisation continue its outstanding work and service which it has been providing to the Kehilla for over 28 years now.


Chaverim was established as a small organisation, arranging a few activities for a small number of boys. Today Chaverim has grown and provides a healthy outlet for boys from the Kehillos in London, Manchester and Gateshead with uplifting summer camps, winter camps and weekend retreats as just one small part of our organisation. Inspiring shiurim and thrilling extracurricular activities all פי תורה על are essential tools in our arsenal in keeping our boys on the right path.


Chaverim has continued to grow to the extent that to date we have provided a healthy and constructive outlet to thousands of boys. Providing shiurim, activities, Shabbatons and camps to over 1000 boys a year, Chaverim has had to increase its capacity and broaden the range of events and activities on offer.


Chaverim needs your help so that we can continue to provide a safe haven of extra curricular activities to the boys in our Kehillos. Your donation will help our young Chaverim boys become dependable יראי שמים as they continue their education in Yeshiva and beyond. We turn to you to assist Chaverim in reaching its goal of £36,000 during the month of Adar. Help Chaverim continue its .עבודת הקודש


Wishing you a Freilichen Purim

Rabbi Shmuel Yosef Davidsohn

Executive Dirctor