Patient Entertainment


The Cheer Up Squad visit sick patients each day splashing bursts of life, colour and cheer into every heart they meet. From clowns, jugglers, musicians, magicians, celebrity singers, dancers, actors, piano players, violinists, guitar players, comedians, scrapbooking and arts & crafts volunteers, puppeteers and storytellers,  they are all on call beyond their working hours, spreading laughter and cheer to anyone they come across.


All visits are tailor made to suit each individual patient and situation. For the sick little child they can whip up a magic show with puppets galore and lively, cheerful singing. They present the child with glittery, dazzling toys and games leaving in its wake a happier smiling child whose day has just gotten that bit better whilst going through the harsh treatments or excruciating pain.


For the mature adult, the squad might metamorphose into a professional concert complete with piano players, violinists and popular singers, stirring hope with uplifting words of faith. The patient in the next bed however, might rather enjoy seeing the squad dressed up in their magnificent live size clown costumes, dancing upside down and twirling about, leaving behind smiles and uplifted spirits.