Our enthusiastic team of selfless volunteers, magicians, jugglers, musicians, singers, scrapbooking & arts & crafts volunteers devote hours to visiting children, adults & elderly people. We support anyone in need, whether recovering from an operation, suffering from a medical condition e.g. Crohn’s & Colitis, or in hospital with a serious & long-term disease. Perhaps the most admirable aspect of our work is the thoughtful consideration and attention to detail displayed by our dedicated volunteers.  Visits are carefully planned to suit the patient and situation. We can whip up a magic show, cheerful songs, funny skits, or puppet show. Each visit is accompanied by a dazzling array of toys and games for the sick child. We leave a trail of laughter hope and warmth. For the mature patient the squad might metamorphose into an impromptu concert complete with professional players, violinists and popular singers. We play stirring tunes and sing uplifting words of hope and faith.


The “Cheer Up Day,” is arranged for in advance, in conjunction with the providers of care, for the special needs children. “Cheer Up Day,” is anticipated with much excitement by all special needs children. It is the highlight of their year. Our volunteers pay meticulous attention to all details of the event. Our Events Manager Alex Gluck coordinates the event and is an expert at delivering a highly successful fun packed day. The effect that “Cheer Up Day,” has on the special needs population is indescribable. As one teacher told us “After Cheer Up Day, Dave – an uncommunicative autistic child, has become more responsive and has started to communicate with his peers.” Our events help foster youth cohesion


Every fourth Saturday, our volunteers perform at the local old age home. These events are coordinated with the care home mangers and are a much anticipated event.


The Squad distributes packages with educational & entertainment content to all hospitals across London. These are perfect for bedside use, including toys, games & crafts for kids, & as the likes of intricate knitting sets, jigsaw puzzles or paint by number sets for the adults, filling long lonely hours spent in hospital or on bed rest.


We don’t forget that behind every suffering patient is a suffering family. The squad is well equipped with toys & gifts for siblings or children of patients, bringing light back into their darkened world.

The Cheer-Up Squad remembers the neglected adults spending hours at their loved one’s bedside & distributes carefully planned care packages equipped with chocolate bars to boost their energy, water to quench their thirst, & some food to lift the spirit & give renewed strength to continue.


Our collection of around 30 DVD players & vast library of DVD’s are constantly updated with the newest releases to suit every age & interest. These are loaned out to sick & bedridden people, providing hours of entertainment, relieving boredom & providing distraction from constant pain & illness. The library is opened five times a week & is carefully managed with a customised software program


Magical Moments ensures that people who are unable to attend family/friends weddings due to their illness or vulnerability will be able to view their loved ones live and to join the wedding in true spirit. This project is very different to Skype, Google Hangouts or any other means of chatting via video. This project is innovative in that it offers so much more, by giving patients complete control to operate the apparatus independently.  They pam, tilt and zoom in to view things from all different angles as well as zooming in for a clearer sharper view.


The Cheer Up Squad is mindful of the patients healthcare team.  Our visits provide a boost to the doctors and nurses working long and hard hours.  We know how stressful it can be to work in a hospital environment. We make sure to demonstrate our appreciation to the healthcare team, for their dedicated care to patients. We distribute ice cream, chocolate and goodies to all members of staff.